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Hi there! *waves*
The school year is finally starting next week. Ugh. On a positive note, this is my last year as a Social Work student. After this year I can work! In a real work! Where they pay you !! lol
Don't get me wrong, I love my field work, and my voluntary work, but I'm 24 and I honestly wanna live on my own. I need my own space, my own house, my own life.
And Jorge is finishing his degree in February. I hope he finds a job. He's worried cause right now the job here is an issue, with the economic crisis and all. Sucks...


Mockingjay .-.-.

Oh God! My Mockingjay copy arrived 3 days ago, but with the exam [which went reasonably well, by the way :):):) ] and all I couldn't start reading it until yesterday night. I'm hooked! The Hunger Games and Catching Fire were both good, but this one is something else entirely.
I'm devouring it. But I don't want to finish it because when I do...that's it, there's no more. This is the final installment. And I can't wait to know if Katniss and Peeta get to be together! I know I sound like an awful teenager fan girl...but I can't help it! This book is really great.


I have my Economics exam tomorrow and I am terrified! I haven't had a maths related exam since I was 15! That's going to be hard...
Wish me luck! :)


Books! :)

I wanted to talk to you about "WUTHERING HEIGHTS". 

I read it last week and I loved it.I'm a literature freak and I hadn't read it! I wanted to comment its, for lack of a better word, status. What's the opinion over there about this particular book? I ask because I am under the impression that a lot of people thinks og it as "literature for women". And, even knowing that a lot of American and English schools teach about it, when I studied English Literature over here, this title was not among my mandatory reads. Nor was any of Jane Austen's novels. Do you know why? Maybe they're not appreciated?

Anyway, I loved the book. The characters are so,so deep.What do you think about Cathy and Heathcliff? And Nelly? Isn't she horrible? I hated her with a passion!


It's been too long...AGAIN. I'm a lost cause! ;)

But I've been really busy. I've been traveling around with Jorge and his tent! Cheap + funny = awesome  :):)  We've been in Perlora and Luarca in Asturias. That's near León, so we haven't gone far...gas is expensive too! hehehe. No, really...we are completely broken. Jorge has worked this summer for about a month, but the money went to repair his dear motorbike. And I haven't worked in all summer. :(

I have spent almost every day with him. I know that's not healthy for a couple, I know, but my friend Javi is in China, and Laura in the Canary Islands. Nadia is studying like mad, and the rest...let's just say that lately they feel more like an obligation that anything else... Maybe I should try harder. Damn...I know I should try harder. But it's just difficult, and I don't feel like it...at all!


Happy Birthday un4tunate !!!
20!! That's always an exciting birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. :):):)

I came back last Sunday from the beach. I loved it there. The beaches were beautiful and we met nice people over there- and my cousin fell in love (or so she claims...hehehe).

What have you been up to?? ;)


Happy birthday Nathaniel!!!
And since I know you love it...
Have a nice day! :)



Hi everyone! Yes, I'm still alive and well! :) It's been a long,long while...

How are you doing? How good is your summer being? Mine is...a bit boring. Wake up, watch series/ movies, eat, more movies, go out for a run or go to the gym, back home, movies, movies, sleep.

And there's this heat wave that I cannot stand anymore! I'm suffocating! But I really can't go to the pool, cause I quit smoking (yes, I did!!) and got a few... pounds, you'll name them (hehehe) and not a single of my old bikinis fits now. :( I have to go shopping. Which is always good!

And Jorge is away working so I just get to see him in the weekend and it sucks, cause I really miss him. :(

What about you lot?


I'm having a bad week. Agg.
Tomorrow I have a Law exam ad I haven't studied enough for it, so I may fail. Don't want!

And I have a stalker! Online! How sad is that? He is a guy who added me on Facebook to be neighbors on Farmville, and now I can't be online without him trying yo chat me up. He's so,so creepy.


Feb. 3rd, 2010

I'm less active on here than I used to be. Sorry guys! But life is awfully busy sometimes! :(

Oh! Reading ramble ahead...... :)

I want to tell you about 3 books. The first one is "The Historian". I'm just starting to read it, but I'm loving it already! How can the author take something as unreal as Dracula and make a believable, creepy and Historically accurate tale out of it? This book is wonderful!!!

And the we have "Storm Born"...and I am disappointed. I love Richelle Mead's other works to pieces, but this one? Not so much. It did't have me yearning for more like her other series. I'm so sad about that. :(

The third is just a MUST READ. If you are into a)poetic tales, b) young adult (but marvelously written) novels. "The Mechanics of the Heart" by Mathias Malzieu. You just have to read this one. I can't express how beautiful it is!